Key Benefits
  • Access to over 2300 Payers

  • SOAP and Rest Web Services

  • HL7 Interfaces

  • TCP/IP Integration

  • Ultimate Flexibility

  • Realtime Business Rules

  • Enhanced 271 Responses

Data as a Service

Have you ever wanted just the data, stripped of all the UI for just the "good stuff"? Well now you can! FrontRunnerHC offers all of its data  to you in a myriad of formats. If you're looking for web services in rest or soap, you can now have that data at your fingertips in real-time to implement in any platform you currently use.  Our hardened technology has the ability to send one transaction or 100 million, depending on what your project requires.  We offer the following:


HL 7 interfaces

Web Services (both rest and soap)

TCP IP connections


Looking for seamless access to data? Contact FrontRunnerHC immediately to become one of our premier partners.

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