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FrontRunnerHC labs

Drive growth in all areas:

more dollars,
more patients, more time.

Achieve the obvious:

Get paid for the lab tests you run.

Send the right bill out the first time.

Back-end denials can cost a lab 20-30% in claims & 60% of staff’s time tracking down the needed patient info*. Not to mention the impact denials have on your patients' & physicians' experience.

Instant access to accurate patient demographic, insurance, & financial data helps you avoid these critical risks. And by capturing the right info at the front end of your workflow, the process is smooth from the start. 

Our data automation platform gives you the patient info you need in real-time, whenever you want it. As early as possible & as often as needed. Easy peasy.


Don't forfeit revenue or patients. Get reimbursed for the services you provide while ensuring a smooth billing experience that gives physicians a reason to refer more of their patients to you. 

*estimate from Rick Hood, healthcare executive, in Q1 Productions event panel; For more, see: "It's time to disrupt healthcare with a super-clean order"

FrontRunnerHC helping labs

A few ways our solutions can help labs 

Give your staff more time in the day

With all the staffing challenges these days, you can't afford to waste your team's time on manual tasks or unnecessary rework, like having your sales team stop selling to hunt down missing patient info! Instantly access accurate info upfront, or at any point in the care journey. It's time to focus your team on higher-value initiatives.

Bring more dollars in the door, faster

Cost-effectively drive improvements in your key metrics, like payer reimbursement, patient payment collections, claims denials, write-offs, & days sales outstanding (DSO). Leverage our access to the largest payer network in the industry & an in-depth view of patients' financial info & propensity to pay to build tailored patient-centric collection strategies. 

Make everyone happy:
your staff,
your referring physicians, &
your patients

Don't bother physicians or their staff with unnecessary phone calls & emails to track down incorrect patient data. Each disruption can jeopardize the likelihood for future physician referrals. Leveraging our software to instantly give you the info you need means less wasted time for your staff & less headaches for your patients & physicians.

25:1 ROI

Return on Investment achieved by Sonora Quest Laboratories

Sonora Quest Client Success Story

A national genetic lab client saw

patient payment collections increase by 10% within 60 days of the first bill.

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