Boost your bottom line by efficiently turning your Accounts Receivables (AR) into cash


Outstanding accounts receivables affect all aspects of your business including your revenue cycle, patient experience, and your administrative costs.

Our automated AR Evaluation and Cleanup solution provides immediate value. Submit a batch of 500 or more claims and let our software and claims experts go to work. We’ll quickly tackle the issues of inaccurate patient data and insurance complexity that not only jeopardize reimbursements but can also increase your administrative costs and create a negative billing experience for your patients. We’ll update mailing addresses, discover missed and inaccurate coverage including Medicare and Medicaid coverage, and identify true self-pay patients. In 24 hours after initial set-up, your cleaned data will be packaged and returned, segmented by opportunity, and in ready-to-action files. Clean up your AR ledger and collect the payments owed from insurance carriers or patients.

Pay only for the claims you can bill. No risk. No new software required.

You’ve done the work. We help you get paid for it.

Collecting what you’re entitled to can be a challenge. Inaccurate patient data and insurance complexity make it even harder. People move, names change, insurance plans get switched. That’s where our software shines. Our secret sauce? Unparalleled capabilities for Benefits Investigation that leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and built-in connections to access thousands of federal, state, and private healthcare data sources. You might say it’s relentless, digging deeper to find and fix errors in patient demographic and insurance data that contribute to your pile of “billed, but not paid”. We’ll update your patients’ demographics and identify whether they’re truly self-pay.

With the complexity of insurance these days, often the initial insurance found isn’t applicable to the claim. In seconds, our software will uncover the exceptions and specific benefits coverage including coordination of benefits (COB) coverage for MCO’s and Medicare Advantage Plans to discover the right insurance to get the claim paid.

Learn how AR Cleanup can help you

Reduce the volume of claims

you have to send to collection agencies

Decrease unnecessary write-offs

by fixing patient information errors

Free your internal staff

to focus on higher value priorities through automation

Clear your backlog of claims in one large batch

eliminating the obstacles to payment


AR Cleanup in action

Amplify your clean claim rates

A health care system submitted their AR charges for multiple hospitals within their network. We identified millions of dollars in claims that had been allocated to the wrong insurance companies which could have delayed collections and led to timely filings being missed. We also identified millions of additional dollars that were eligible for reimbursement that otherwise would have been forfeited revenue. Our software and expert specialists helped them achieve a 99% first-pass clean rate for eligibility-related denials.

An independent national lab sent us a batch of their most-challenging AR charges. The laboratory was excited when we quickly discovered insurance which had not been previously identified with a 30% hit rate, enabling the laboratory to enjoy $615,000 in new payments received.

Discover hidden payments


Cleaned data returned 24 hours after set-up


Write-offs decreased by an average of 30%


Pay only for what you can bill

Industry accolades and certifications




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