Accounts Receivable Clean-Up


Get reimbursed for all the services you perform…and do it accurately, quickly, and efficiently

Inaccurate patient data. Insurance complexity. Lack of staff availability to do the rework. These are three key reasons why claims, which could be providing your organization with much needed revenue, are stacking up in your AR ledger. 

With our easy to initiate solution, FrontRunnerHC’s Accounts Receivable (AR) Clean-Up offering can help you move your outstanding receivables to collected revenue. 


Accounts Receivable (AR) Clean-Up in Action.

AR charges received from one health system with several hospitals in their network

FrontRunnerHC identified:

  • Millions of dollars in claims that had been allocated to incorrect insurance companies

  • Millions of additional dollars in otherwise forfeited revenue that was eligible for reimbursement

Whether your AR ledger balance is small or large, don’t leave money on the table. Let us help.


How our AR Clean-Up Works

Our proprietary software has access to thousands of federal, state, and private healthcare data sources so we not only obtain patient demographic and insurance information, but we cross-check and validate it. Our dedicated team of insurance specialists also manually hunt down missing information on your behalf. 

With FrontRunnerHC’s AR Clean-up you can quickly collect the maximum claim reimbursement dollars you're entitled to. 

Immediate Value

Submit a batch of 500 or more claims and we’ll run it through our automated suite of revenue cycle software. In 24 hours after our initial set-up, we will repackage and return your cleaned data, conveniently segmented by opportunity and in ready-to-action files.

It’s a no-risk opportunity. Pay only when you get paid. And no new software is required on your end.


Cleaned data returned 24 hours after set-up



$12.4B Claim charges processed in 5 years


SOC 2 & HIPAA compliant, CORE certified

FrontRunnerHC has you covered.

Get in touch and see how what we can do for your revenue cycle.

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