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Maximize reimbursements with software that is as focused on your patients as you are

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Advanced Eligibility and discovery
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Accuracy, efficiency, and convenience in a turnkey package

PatientRemedi® is a patient-centric SaaS solution powered by the most robust Benefits Investigation capabilities at scale. We have access to the largest payer network in the industry and utilize robotic process automation (RPA) and deep integrations tailored to your specific patient population. That power is harnessed to instantaneously provide you with the most complete and accurate patient demographic, insurance, and financial information. All of the info is aggregated for you to easily view in one place and it’s accessible through a workflow portal, APIs, and progressive web applications (PWA). 

Software that does
the hard work to get
all the details right,
the first time

Our integrated software suite automatically finds, cross-checks, and even fixes your patients’ demographic and medical insurance information. It also provides valuable patient financial information that helps you quickly assess each patient's financial situation. This means your staff can spend less time on rework and more time on your priority tasks, and your patients can spend less time pondering surprise bills. PatientRemedi helps ensure that everything you submit for reimbursements is right the first time. It’s better for your patients, referring physicians, staff, and bottom line.

Eligibility Verification Demographic Verification Insurance Discovery Financial Disposition

Dig into PatientRemedi and see how it works

  • Eligibility Verification
    Go beyond just checking a patient’s insurance eligibility. Get the full picture of their benefits coverage and exceptions and discover any secondary insurance plans applicable to claims.
  • Demographic Verification
    Patient demographic information is often inaccurate or missing. People move, get married, life happens. PatientRemedi digs deeper, leveraging built-in connections to regulated data sources to validate and update your patient’s demographics in seconds.
  • Insurance Discovery
    Cut through the complexity of insurance and the challenges that come from increasing patient out-of-pocket costs. Our software discovers the patient’s insurance in real-time including coordination of benefits (COB) coverage for MCOs and Medicare Advantage Plans. And we can help you find the Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBI) for your patients to meet the CMS requirement with ease.
  • Financial Disposition
    Optimize collections while considering each patient’s specific financial situation. Use our financial clearance tool to get all the info you need to make decisions that are best for both your patients and your organization. Authorized users within your organization can view a patient's propensity to pay, integrate your hardship assistance forms, or create a strategy to optimize how and when you reach out to clients or use a collection agency. Increase your reimbursements and cut costs while putting your patients first.

What PatientRemedi will do for you

“There is no need to forfeit revenue or do rework. Bill the right insurance, collect the right co-pay, and send the correct bill to the patient’s address the first time.”

John (JD) Donnelly, CEO, FrontRunnerHC

FrontRunnerHC Founder and CEO

Maximize and accelerate reimbursements

with reliable demographic and insurance information that enables timely, accurate billing

Improve the patient billing experience

by applying the right insurance and considering each patient's specific financial situation

Minimize rejected claims due to insurance eligibility errors

while accelerating claim processing speed

Complement your existing patient records and billing system

with seamless integration

 Eliminate the costs and hassles of rework

by getting the right patient demographic and insurance information the first time

Scale up volume

without impacting administrative staffing levels by leveraging automation

Industry accolades and certifications

FrontRunnerHC Core Certified
FrontRunnerHC HIPAA certified
Soc 2 certified
FrontRunnerHC HIPAA Compliant
CIO most promising healthcare solutions provider
FrontRunnerHC Inc 5000


FrontRunnerHC Becker's Top Revenue Cycle Companies to Know




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Regardless of the services you provide, or the volume of those services, PatientRemedi works for you. It’s designed to help in any situation that requires properly and quickly-vetted patient data and a seamless, integrated billing and reimbursement process. 

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