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FrontRunnerHC Hospitals & Health Systems

Patient care is your priority. 

Accurate patient insurance, demographic contact, & financial info is ours.

To take care of others, you also have to take care of yourself.

The median operating margin for hospitals in the U.S was only 0.3% in 2022*.

A healthy bottom line fuels your ability to deliver the care your patients need. But for hospitals & health systems being squeezed by declining reimbursements & increasing costs, that can be easier said than done.

Instant access to accurate patient data is critical to strengthening not only your financials but your patients' experience too. Understanding billable insurance coverage, demographic contact, & financial info for each patient through automation helps ensure the patient's financial experience is as positive as their clinical one. And it bolsters your financial experience by accelerating payer & patient payments without the time-consuming, manual efforts from your staff. 

*source available upon request

FrontRunnerHC Hospitals

A few ways our solutions can help hospitals & health systems

Make your patients' billing experience applause-worthy

Patients can have the best clinical experience, but a negative billing experience threatens their continuum of care, as well as your payment. Delight your patients with a billing experience that's as positive as their clinical one. With accurate patient insurance, demographic contact, & financial info including their propensity to pay, you can easily build a patient-centric strategy that helps ensure accurate & timely bills, an uninterrupted care continuum, & reimbursements for the services you've provided. 

Boost your bottom line

Strengthen your financials by driving improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs) like claims denials, days sales outstanding (DSO), & staffing costs. Improve your revenue cycle metrics with automated access to up-to-date patient insurance, demographic, & financial info in real time or batch, at any point from registration to point of care, & final payment. 

Do more with the staff you have

With growing staffing problems, hospitals can't afford to waste staff time on unneeded manual work now or costly rework later. It's not sustainable. Layer in our automation tool with access to the most payers in the industry to quickly catch information errors & allow your staff to focus on other priorities.  

“This is great, so we don’t have to close out or leave our screens to look up MBIs. This will definitely help our team with Medicare.”

- Tammy Sherer, Senior Director, Ambulatory Access, University of Alabama Medical Center

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