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FrontRunnerHC Physician Groups

The challenges of running a successful physician practice are not insignificant.

We'd like to help relieve some significant pressure. 

Make your team more efficient, your practice more profitable, & your patients happier

93% of consumers say the billing & payment experience impacts their decision to return*. A positive patient experience is critical to a successful practice. You're providing great care, but that's not the only thing influencing their experience.

Accurate patient insurance, demographic, & financial info at your fingertips helps ensure your patients' financial experience is as good as their clinical one. Send timely, accurate bills & ensure their insurance coverage is applied. And with insight into each patient's specific financial situation, you can provide options like hardship assistance or prompt pay discounts. Get paid faster while avoiding the burden of rework on your staff who has a mountain of other priorities they can focus on. 

It's like a little easy button to relieve some of that pressure, & help you get on with your day. Because your patients need you.

*sources available upon request 

A few ways our solutions can help
physician groups

Happy patients, happy practice

It can be tough to keep patients' insurance info up to date. With ~2 million people switching insurance every month, there are many reasons why. The potentially cascading results? Denied insurance claims, incorrect bills, calls from confused patients, or even loss of patients who opt for the other doctor across town. Do yourself & your patients a favor by ensuring accurate insurance & demographic info, automatically.

Give your bottom line a clean bill of health


Margins are tight enough. Maximize payer reimbursements & accelerate self-pay patient collections with accurate patient info on demand. Reduce claims denials & AR days, & increase

revenue while freeing up your staff to focus on higher priorities & manage costs. And by understanding each patient’s unique financial situation, you’ll get insight into their propensity to pay to help you make the best decisions for both your patient & your practice. 

Staffing concerns? We'd like to apply

More work to do than staff to do it? We hear that (a lot, actually). So, focus your team on the high priority tasks that benefit from their time & talents, & automate to eliminate the unnecessary manual work. Put an end to the irritating phone calls to patients & time-sucking research with payers to hunt down missing info; let us find the billable insurance coverage details for your patients instantaneously. Help wanted? Help granted. Staff burnout extinguished.

A positive patient billing experience can help to improve patient satisfaction, loyalty, & willingness to recommend the healthcare provider to others.**

83% of patients say they are more likely to recommend a physician who provides a good patient experience.**

**source American Medical Association (AMA)

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