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Free and easy compliance via a QR code for quick and no-stress access to work, school, travel, and entertainment venues.


Simplify the credentialing process for everyone involved

ReadiPass enables test results and/or a vaccine record to be shown via a QR code. ReadiPass is available for labs and healthcare organizations who use LabXchange from FrontRunnerHC. It benefits their clients including patients who need to meet compliance requirements and organizations requiring compliance such as a venue host or employer.

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Don’t let compliance requirements stand in your way.

Ensure testing and vaccination compliance requirements are easily met. Schools, employers, other organizations, and venues like entertainment award shows and sports games can all benefit from the use of ReadiPass. Whether you’re the organization trying to ensure compliance or the person trying to meet the compliance requirements, we’ve got you covered. 


“We’ve helped accelerate testing to millions across the country. And we’ve worked with organizations to ensure compliance requirements have been met at so many places, including national championship games and major award shows. ReadiPass helps everyone address compliance mandates with a click of a button.” 

John (JD) Donnelly, CEO, FrontRunnerHC

Venues, event hosts, schools, employers, & other third-party organizations

& patients 

Labs & other

ReadiPass can get you to your end result.

  • Eligibility Verification
    Go beyond just checking a patient’s insurance eligibility. Get the full picture of their benefits coverage and exceptions and discover any secondary insurance plans applicable to claims.
  • Demographic Verification
    Patient demographic information is often inaccurate or missing. People move, get married, life happens. PatientRemedi digs deeper, leveraging built-in connections to regulated data sources to validate and update your patient’s demographics in seconds.
  • Insurance Discovery
    Cut through the complexity of insurance and the challenges that come from increasing patient out-of-pocket costs. Our software discovers the patient’s insurance in real-time including coordination of benefits (COB) coverage for MCOs and Medicare Advantage Plans. And we can help you find the Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBI) for your patients to meet the CMS requirement with ease.
  • Financial Disposition
    Optimize collections while considering each patient’s specific financial situation. Use our financial clearance tool to get all the info you need to make decisions that are best for both your patients and your organization. Authorized users within your organization can view a patient's propensity to pay, integrate your hardship assistance forms, or create a strategy to optimize how and when you reach out to clients or use a collection agency. Increase your reimbursements and cut costs while putting your patients first.

Immediate access, Instant verification. 

1. For consumers & patients:
It’s as easy as a, b, c.

a.) Set up an account.
b.) Add your vaccination and/or lab-verified test info
c.) Create a QR code.

2. For venues, event hosts, schools, employers, & other third-party organizations: It’s a simple use of the camera on your mobile device or a scanner.

3. For labs and other healthcare organizations: As a LabXchange client, just notify your patient with an email or text, allowing access to their test results and ability to create their QR code. 


Compliance at
your fingertips.

To create an account and your own ReadiPass, scan this QR code or go to 

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