Introducing COVID-Assist

Accelerate & automate COVID test reimbursements, reduce the claims processing burden & remain CARES Act compliant

Hospital and independent labs across the country have stepped up to process thousands of COVID-19 tests weekly. Behind the scenes, finance teams are overburdened by the reimbursement claims process and government guidelines to comply with the CARES Act.

COVID-Assist empowers your lab to go from 1,000 to 10,000 to 100,000 tests a day without affecting administrative staffing levels.

in action

“We were about to bring in contractors to figure out and manage the COVID testing reimbursement process when we learned about FrontRunnerHC and COVID-Assist. Within 24 hours the software was installed and processing records. We can now keep our focus on helping patients and doctors in our community without worrying about audits or rejected submissions.”

How COVID-Assist works

COVID-Assist is an innovative software application that seamlessly integrates with your existing patient records and billing system to automate the process of gathering patient data, verification of insurance coverage or self-pay status, and HRSA Member IDs. Once all data is collected, COVID-Assist adeptly separates insured and self-pay patient records and uploads fully audited and compliant patient files to your billing system to submit to insurance carriers or HRSA.

Our automated solution is designed to help you save time and rework so you can focus on your mission-critical work while collecting the complete compliance and billing information on the first attempt. 

Immediate value

  • COVID-Assist can be activated in 24 hours

  • Every patient record is complete, verified and documented for future reference within the FrontRunnerHC secure online dashboard

  • COVID-Assist integrates with most patient records and billing systems

  • The process is fully automated, including capture of HRSA Member IDs

  • Database for potential audits


SOC 2 & HIPAA compliant, CORE certified


Claim charges processed in 5 years

CIO Review

Nationally recognized


Visits processed since 2014


Serving clients in all 50 states

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