Key Benefits

  • One Check for Eligibility

  • Return of COB

  • Medicaid MCO Discovery

  • Medicare Advantage Plan Discovery

  • Enhanced 271 Response

Advanced Eligibility

You have heard of eligibility, you have heard of insurance verification, but have you ever heard of advanced eligibility? Imagine being able to check a patient's insurance while also obtaining their coordination of benefits. One look up and the return of many insurances ensures that you are billing the correct insurance, at the correct time, in the correct order. With the onset of Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans, finding the correct insurance to bill has become a challenge many of us are not prepared to succeed. at


With FrontRunnerHC's advanced eligibility, one check is all you need to be able to bring back Medicare and Medicaid advantage plans, Medicaid and Medicaid MCO plans and commercial coordination of benefits. This is eligibility on steroids, using insurance discovery to bring back the true picture of the patient's benefits investigation.  Don’t be fooled with our competitors inferior products; get the best. Get advanced eligibility.

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