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FrontRunnerHC announces a simple vaccine and test compliance solution at no cost

FrontRunnerHC announces a simple vaccine and test compliance solution at no cost to help consumers, labs, venues, and other third-party organizations

ReadiPass enables free and easy compliance via QR code for quick and stress-free access to work, school, travel, and entertainment venues

PLYMOUTH, MA, FEBRUARY 2, 2022 - FrontRunnerHC, a SaaS technology leader in the healthcare industry, today announced the availability of a new software solution, ReadiPass, offered free of charge to help the nation address the many compliance and entry requirements evident during the pandemic. ReadiPass simplifies the credentialing process for everyone involved: the consumer, the healthcare provider or COVID testing lab, and the organization requiring compliance such as a venue or employer. ReadiPass enables test results and/or a vaccine record to be shown via a QR code which can be easily read by anyone with the use of a camera on your mobile device or a scanner.

John (JD) Donnelly, CEO of FrontRunnerHC, shared that while ReadiPass was initially developed to help their healthcare clients address the many requests from patients without wasting valuable time, the broader need for ReadiPass in the marketplace became obvious. “We see how ReadiPass helps our clients quickly address their patients’ COVID compliance mandates with a click of a button so we want to open the service, without charge, to everyone including venues, workplaces, schools, the travel industry, and the general public.”

With ReadiPass, venues and other organizations can manage their compliance requirements without additional work, costs, or implementation headaches. And anyone can meet those requirements so they can travel, attend an event, or go to work or school. It is designed to make the compliance process quick and easy for everyone involved and help keep the community safe.

The addition of ReadiPass to its expansive platform of software solutions is evidence of FrontRunnerHC’s continued commitment to address the growing challenges brought on by the pandemic. Partnering with most of the high-volume commercial labs across the country and several state governments, FrontRunnerHC has helped them expedite their COVID testing to millions of people, scale with the fluctuating volume demands, and ensure testing compliance for schools, employers, and venues, including major entertainment award shows and national championship sports games.

Donnelly adds, “With the introduction of ReadiPass, labs can now not only offer their client organizations a complete testing solution but a simple technology solution to manage their compliance requirements as well.”

For labs and other healthcare clients, ReadiPass is included with FrontRunnerHC’s LabXchange and PatientXchange solutions which help them expedite and track the full testing process from patient registration through communication of test results. When someone's test result is available, FrontRunnerHC clients can notify their patient with an email or text, allowing access to the results in real time through PatientXchange. There, the patient can click a button to create a "ReadiPass QR Code" that will show their verified test result information. The patient can also enter their vaccine information and upload a picture of their vaccine card, and then either create a QR code specific to their test result, their vaccine card, or a combination of the two.

With the expansion of ReadiPass, FrontRunnerHC now enables anyone in the general public to create a ReadiPass QR code through their PatientXchange software. In minutes, users can set up an account, upload their vaccination information, and create a QR code that can be read instantaneously by anyone they wish to share it with. While anyone can currently create a QR code with their vaccine information, FrontRunnerHC also has a future release in the works to enable the public to upload self-attested results as well.

Donnelly says that ReadiPass is a natural evolution for FrontRunnerHC. “From the start of the pandemic in 2020, we have been on a mission to help the country by enabling healthcare organizations to accelerate and manage their COVID testing. We’re excited that with our newest offering we can help more people manage some of the complexities brought on by COVID.”

To create an account and your own ReadiPass, scan the QR code below or go to Or to learn more, email

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Founded in 2010, FrontRunnerHC is a leading SaaS solutions provider at the forefront in providing ground-breaking technologies to meet the dynamic healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) requirements. Their software platform helps healthcare organizations ensure accurate, efficient, and cost-effective reimbursement for their services while also enhancing their patients’ experience by instantaneously providing patient demographic, insurance, and financial information. FrontRunnerHC electronically connects to more payers than any other vendor to find, verify, and fix patient information in real-time and at any point during the care journey. FrontRunnerHC defines the patient experience as the clinical experience + the financial experience™ and is committed to helping address the challenges that can jeopardize the patient’s experience and impact the provider’s ability to get paid. The company has been recognized by Inc. magazine on their list of "America's fastest-growing private companies" for three years in a row. Company overview video:

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