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FrontRunnerHC Brings on Dr. Mark Hiatt as Chief Medical Officer and VP of Clinical Applications

Hiatt’s expertise in medicine, insurance, and medical benefits management will support development of healthcare software solutions that deliver super-clean orders™

PLYMOUTH, MA, October 11, 2023FrontRunnerHC, a technology provider that helps labs and healthcare organizations instantly access the information needed to maximize reimbursements and enhance their patients’ experience, has announced that Mark Hiatt, MD, MBA, MS is its new chief medical officer and vice president of clinical applications.

Hiatt, who has served as chief medical officer for a national medical benefits manager, a biotechnology research company, and an accreditation body, said that joining FrontRunnerHC was the natural next step in his career evolution. Hiatt noted, “I’ve been passionate about making an impact in healthcare all my life. Being part of the FrontRunnerHC team gives me a direct opportunity to influence the development of the tools necessary to move the industry forward.”

Roughly 14 billion clinical lab tests occur in the United States each year, informing about 70% of medical decisions. Countless individuals are impacted by these lab tests on a daily basis. But according to John (JD) Donnelly, founder and CEO of FrontRunnerHC, the impact—both clinical and financial—extends beyond patients to labs, physicians, hospitals, and commercial and government payers. The importance and complexity of lab testing demand that the industry achieves a ‘super-clean order’™, one that not only includes accurate patient information but also ensures that the ordered test will be covered by insurance and the patient gets the care they need.

“Our healthcare system is ever changing and growing in complexity,” noted Hiatt. “I know firsthand the challenges faced by physicians, labs, hospitals, insurers, and most importantly patients when it comes to getting all the necessary clinical and financial info for the patient upfront to ensure the best outcomes possible.”

Hiatt added that FrontRunnerHC has led the way in innovation before and is now on the road to transforming healthcare by building an integrated ecosystem that fosters information transparency and dialog. “A seismic shift is happening to break down traditional silos within the healthcare continuum to fundamentally disrupt and improve healthcare,” said Donnelly. “Dr. Hiatt is a perfect addition to our team. His first-hand experience, clinical expertise, and passion for the changes needed to transform healthcare will accelerate FrontRunnerHC’s ability to deliver solutions at the next level.”

Hiatt’s educational background includes a fellowship in cardiovascular imaging at Stanford, residency in radiology and master’s degree in Health Evaluation Sciences at the University of Virginia, and MD and MBA degrees from Wake Forest University. He also earned two bachelor’s degrees in economics and Italian, with two minors in chemistry and zoology.

Beyond his positions as chief medical officer, his professional experience includes executive medical director for a multi-state health insurance plan, leader of a clinical department, board member for a blockchain company and regional health system, senior vice president of market access and strategy and vice president of medical affairs for precision medicine companies, founding CEO of a healthcare consulting firm, and cardiovascular radiologist. Among his many accomplishments, Hiatt chaired his local chapter of the American Red Cross, was appointed by the governor of his state to serve on its Medical Education Council and Digital Health Service Commission, and was the voice of The Medical Moment on radio stations in two states. The Utah Business Magazine honored Hiatt as a Healthcare Hero.

About FrontRunnerHC (

FrontRunnerHC's data automation platform helps labs and healthcare organizations maximize reimbursement while also enhancing their patients’ experience with instant access to patient demographic, insurance, and financial information. FrontRunnerHC finds, verifies, and fixes patient information in real-time or batch, and at any point during the care journey, leveraging its access to the largest payer network in the industry. Defining the patient experience as the clinical journey + the financial journey™, FrontRunnerHC helps address the challenges that jeopardize both the organization’s ability to get paid and their patients' experience. FrontRunnerHC has been recognized by Inc. magazine on its list of "America's fastest-growing private companies" for five years in a row.

Contact: John (JD) Donnelly, FrontRunnerHC

Phone: 508-746-5500

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