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Operations Support Analyst

FrontRunnerHC is seeking a highly motivated Operations Support Analyst responsible for overseeing the daily activity of the Company’s operational performance, ensuring that all systems, services and infrastructure work reliably and securely. The successful candidate will proactively approach the resolution of user issues, handling escalations and monitoring the performance of business-critical systems to aide in preventing delays and outages.


What are the Qualifications?

  • Understand business and client needs and translate into data and IT requirements

  • Ability to present complex information in an easy to understand and actionable format

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills

  • Good technical aptitude & strong analytical ability

  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving capabilities

What will I do at FrontRunnerHC?

  • Perform real-time monitoring of systems

  • Review system capabilities and department workflow

  • Perform recovery procedures, scheduling and backups and monitor batch processes

  • Develop, monitor, analyze and report on key metrics on a standard cadence

  • Use statistical analysis, simulation, and optimization to develop practical solutions

  • Test code and development releases to ensure they are working as expected

  • Payor response review/update configuration and defaults as needed

  • Synthesize data from multiple sources to provide analysis of findings and recommendations on driving optimization strategies and tactics

  • Work closely with Development and Operations team to implement new data analysis processes, models, and tools to better provide information and knowledge to key business decision makers


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