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Patient Remedi

PatientRemedi helps ensure accurate, quick, and efficient reimbursements for all the services you provide. The integrated portfolio of software and service is primarily based around the patient and includes:

  • Patient Demographics

  • Insurance Eligibility

  • Insurance Discovery

  • Financial Disposition


Maximize your reimbursements by ensuring that when a bill goes out the door to either the insurance company or the patient, all the information is accurate and you're able to collect the maximum you're entitled to -- the first time. In our dynamic world, patients change jobs and insurance on a regular basis. And your staff is often spread thin. You need the most accurate information at the time of service. Otherwise, the time and costs involved in rework are monumental. And with an increasing backlog, that rework may never get done. We're here to help with a comprehensive solution enabled by automated technology, a user-friendly workflow portal, and a team of dedicated insurance experts to support you every step of the way.


For a demo or to learn more, just reach out.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize reimbursements and revenue from insurance and patient payments

  • Decrease rejected claims and increase claim processing speed

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Eliminate rework and wasted time to focus on more value-added tasks

  • Improve the billing experience for patients and referring physicians

Patient Access

If you are seeing patients at your organization, then patient access can be a big headache for you. No worries, FrontRunnerHC is here to provide you with the tools you need to ensure you received accurate information with the patient on the phone, with minimal effort.  With our solution you can check eligibility , discover insurance, determine the patient’s qualification for charity, all in real time.

Check In

Imagine if you can, checking in a patient and knowing that all of your demographic and insurance information is accurate and 100% billable.  Some would call that nirvana, we call it Patient Remedi.  Now you can have that assurance by using FrontRunnerHC's real-time tools at your front desks, either integrated into your existing billing system or through our one stop portal.

“We've seen our check-in time reduced by an average of 4 minutes using FrontRunner.”

Charge Entry

We all know that you probably have hundreds of claim edits to check for all sorts of different things, but one of the most important things you need to know is that your insurance is accurate. FrontRunnerHC provides the tools to ensure that your eligibility related edits are as close to ZERO as possible.

FrontRunnerHC understands business challenges and that problems happen, that's why it's important to have tools in place to make sure that you can fix these issues quickly and easily. With FrontRunnerHC's real-time tools, you have that capability to ensure that your edits are fixed automatically or quickly so that timely filing is met.

Denial Management

If after patient access, check in and charge entry you still receive a claims denial, don't be concerned. Most businesses are doing their best to make sure that they catch 100% of everything. We all know we don't live in a perfect world. Emergency rooms are flooded with patients, your waiting room is full of patients, claim volume is high, you don't have the staff to work all of your claim edits; this is where FrontRunnerHC steps in to provide consistent tools to help you address your eligibility related denials.  Maybe you've missed coordination of benefits, maybe this is a secondary claim, maybe this is a Medicare Advantage claim, maybe this is a Medicaid MCO claim. In any case, FrontRunnerHC's solutions can help you address each and every one of these issues.

With the use of FrontRunnerHC's tools and an adoption by our organization, we've been able to reduce our eligibility related denials to under 1% in a matter of months”

Self Pay

How many times have we seen a patient present as self-pay, but they actually have billable coverage? Our system finds an average of 38% of patients in your system that are designated as self-pay, but actually have billable coverage.  Finding the correct insurance saves you time and increases your cash flow by reducing the amount of time you need to chase down the patient.

“With FrontRunner's self-pay tool, we've been able to convert and bill 26% of our self-pay patients. Because of that, we were able to join the FrontRunnerHC $1,000,000 club in the first four months of the year.”

Bad Debt

One of the biggest headaches in your organization is bad debt. You spend countless hours and money trying to chase down the patient's insurance or accurate billing address . On average it cost $15.00 to work a rejected claim independent on your Dunning cycle, you can add another $10 to that . That's $25 you spend by the time you send it off to bad debt. With FrontRunnerHC, your eligibility related bad debt should be as close to 0 as possible. You've checked insurance, you've mailed the bill to the correct address, you've determined the patient's propensity to pay, and you've done everything you can with FrontRunnerHC's tools. Stop wasting time and money and take action with FrontRunnerHC immediately.

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