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HRSA Uninsured Program

What we know


It has been reported that COVID response funds provided by Congress have run out
Congress passed government spending bill
($1.5 trillion) after stripping out $15.6 billion request for COVID funds

The $10 billion COVID funding deal was not passed in the Senate as of April 6. Continued discussions are expected after the recess

​March 22, HRSA Uninsured Program stopped accepting new claims for testing & treatment​
April 5, HRSA Uninsured Program stopped accepting vaccination claims 

While HRSA no longer accepts uploads of rosters and downloads of Temp IDs, we heard from a few clients who received HRSA reimbursements for claims submitted prior to the deadline

FrontRunnerHC hosted 3 special edition User Group Forums, on March 16, March 17, and April 1, to help our clients navigate the situation and prepare accordingly. We're grateful that Dr. Birenbaum of NILA joined us on our 2nd forum to offer his insights and learnings. We also appreciate that Anthony DeMaio and Alex Hecht of our government relations partner ML Strategies joined our last Forum to share their insights on the ongoing discussions in Washington, DC and their expert perspective. If you have any questions about any of these Forums, please email our Client Success Management team at

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Actions We Recommended

Reach out to Congress

Calls and letters to members of the US Congress, both representatives and senators, were encouraged. Todd Ament and his colleagues from Accurate Health Partners shared a letter they wrote and encouraged others to use it if desired; we shared that below with Todd's permission. Additional resources can be found at NILA's website listed above.

We are also working with our government relations partner ML Strategies to help ensure the voices of our clients are heard and the unintentional impacts of the COVID funding cuts are understood in Washington. 

Take Inventory of HRSA Claims to Date

The deadline to submit claims for payment was 3/22. While we had been working with our clients to submit claims prior to the deadline, HRSA is no longer accepting claims or providing HRSA Temp IDs at this point.​

Adapt Your Workflow

We recommend addressing issues that may impact claims as early as possible & as often as needed. Adapting your workflow to do upfront patient demographic & eligibility check helps you stay ahead & know if the service will be covered & by whom.

For additional information, please contact our Client Success Management team at

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