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FrontRunnerHC is seeking an experienced, people-oriented Training Manager responsible for preparing and facilitating training sessions for FrontRunnerHC’s new hires, employees, and clients for both in-person and virtual settings.


What are the Qualifications?

  • Knowledge about adult learning concepts and theories with the ability to apply them effectively in the classroom environment

  • Ability to see big picture and design a comprehensive curriculum

  • Previous experience in healthcare

  • Strong coaching, people-person, and presentation skills

  • Proven success with delivery and evaluation of instructional content that supports a variety of methods of delivery including in-person, online, and virtual

  • Prior coaching and mentoring experience

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, as well as presentation skills

  • Prior project management skills

What will I do at FrontRunnerHC?

  • Work with internal teams to design and develop training methods, materials, and curriculums

  • Partner with business leads to understand current systems and processes and how they affect/impact the people and products to determine training gaps

  • Create a Skills Matrix to reflect core knowledge and skills by level and function

  • Establish a program that addresses training needs of all levels

  • Design and implement a variety of blended learning methods in all training programs, to be applied before, during and after the training event to promote continued education and familiarity

  • Establish a monitoring and evaluation system to track and provide reporting on training effectiveness

  • Ensure company user guides are updated and aligned with new product releases

  • Deliver thorough training to new hires during onboarding

  • Provide internal and external training to existing employees and clients upon request

  • Create recurring internal and external training as needed in order to keep employees and clients up to date on feature enhancements, changes, and new solutions


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