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Key Benefits

  • Automate Manual Processes

  • Use AI to help automate tasks

  • Reduce time to complete tasks

  • Increase your staffs efficiency

  • Guaranteed Accuracy

  • Peace of Mind knowing tasks are completed efficiently

  • Collect more Cash

  • Employee Satisfaction

Robotics Process Automation

Robotic process automation; what is it? RPA is the use of applying technology where human beings normally would complete repetitive tasks. With the adoption of artificial intelligence, you can advance the capabilities of RPA by utilizing advanced decision making to complete more complex tasks. FrontRunnerHC is now utilizing its technology to help organizations optimize their workflow process. With our deep understanding of the Internet and tasks that are required to search for various results, to ask questions appears to provide data to various payers, FrontRunnerHC is leading the charge in RPA.


Communicating with a payer on a rejected claim? FrontRunnerHC has the tools to help you submit data automatically to payers without the use of human invention. If, at a later date, you need to review the response from that payer, FrontRunnerHC has the ability to extract the information necessary. 

Every minute you waste without utilizing FrontRunnerHC's RPA platform, you lose the valuable time of your staff and potential revenue.

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