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ixlayer & FrontRunnerHC Team Up to Provide a Virtual Patient Management Experience

April 20, 2021

Focus is on enabling more efficient healthcare payment collection and reimbursement—and helping patients better understand the billing process for Covid-19 tests

ixlayer, a technology-based solutions company offering diagnostic testing, is partnering with FrontRunnerHC, a SaaS provider that helps healthcare organizations maximize reimbursements, to optimize the payment collection and billing process required for the growth of telehealth services.

At a time when the adoption of telehealth is growing, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, ixlayer focuses on simplifying the virus testing process for various patient-care groups, including hospitals, retail health clinics and labs. The company is using FrontRunnerHC’s software to enable more efficient payment collection and reimbursement for every link in the healthcare process, along with a more transparent billing experience for patients.

By incorporating FrontRunnerHC’s software into its platform, ixlayer will be able to provide clients with updated demographic, insurance and financial information for their patients.

“Our mission is to make diagnostic testing and telehealth services as seamless as possible for administrators, clinicians, and patients," says Pouria Sanae, CEO of ixlayer. "With the technological barriers removed, health organizations are free to focus on what’s most important: the patient’s health.”


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