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Integrated suite of software & services to maximize your reimbursements for all the services you perform -- the first time.


Enabled by automated technology, a user-friendly workflow portal, dedicated insurance experts, and interoperable with your billing system


PatientRemedi helps ensure accurate, quick, and efficient reimbursements for all the services you provide. The integrated suite of software is tailored to your patient population and includes:

  • Patient Demographics

  • Insurance Eligibility

  • Insurance Discovery

  • Financial Disposition

Maximize your reimbursements by ensuring that when a bill goes out to either the insurance company or the patient, all the information is accurate and you're able to collect the maximum you're entitled to -- the first time. In our dynamic world, patients change jobs and insurance on a regular basis. You need the most accurate information at the time of service. Otherwise, you face time-consuming and and costly rework. And with a lean staff and an increasing backlog, that rework may never get done.


Our automated software has unparalleled benefits investigation capabilities to discover patients’ demographic and insurance information in realtime or batch, and industry-leading algorithms to identify coordination of benefits (COB) coverage for Medicaid MCOs and Medicare Advantage Plans. All the patient data is aggregated in one place, accessible through a workflow portal, Webservice (or APIs), and mobile progressive web applications. And you're supported by our team of insurance experts. 


For a demo or to learn more, just reach out.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize reimbursements and revenue from insurance and patient payments

  • Decrease rejected claims and increase claim processing speed

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Eliminate rework and wasted time to focus on more value-added tasks

  • Improve the billing experience for patients and referring physicians

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