Demo Day 

Thursday, March 11 at 3pm EST/12pm PST

Duration: 1 hour

On-line webinar with solution demo

Don’t waste time on rework or forfeit revenue due to rejected claims. In less than an hour, learn how you can take control of your revenue cycle, either on the front-end (e.g. at the time of care) or back-end (e.g. AR Clean-up).


See a demo of our SaaS solution which finds, cross-checks, and fixes patient demographic and insurance information errors for timely and accurate billing. Also hear about solutions that are helping organizations doing COVID testing to accelerate the testing process, automate reimbursements, process up to 100,000 tests a day, and reduce the claims reimbursement burden to comply with the CARES Act.

Healthcare systems & independent labs:


For an invitation to Demo Day, contact Jordan Rogers at or 508.505.7300. 

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