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FrontRunnerHC User Group Forum

Calling all FrontRunnerHC clients! As the healthcare industry deals with continuing challenges that put pressure on the bottom line & threaten the patient experience, such as declining reimbursements, varying test volumes, & staffing constraints, a key question is “how do you manage it all and succeed?” Our User Group Forums are designed to help all clients optimize the ROI of their FrontRunnerHC software and combat the continuing challenges. A demo of the latest solution enhancements is also included in each session.
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Semi Annual Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference

Hosted by: Q1 Productions
December 2022

We'll be attending a number of events including the Semi-Annual Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference in Boston, hosted by Q1 Productions. If you're also going to be there, email us, we'd love to connect! 


For a "demo on demand", contact us at or 508.746.5500. 

On-line demo scheduled at your convenience

Don’t waste time on rework or forfeit revenue due to rejected claims. And don't jeopardize the satisfaction or your patients or referring physicians. In less than 30 minutes, learn how you can take control of your revenue cycle, either realtime on the front-end or in batch at the back-end.


See a live demo of our SaaS solution which finds, verifies, and fixes patient demographic and insurance information, and provides data on the patient's financial situation and propensity to pay for timely and accurate billing and a positive patient billing experience. Also see how we can help you automate your order entry process at the time of service and check insurance info so you can catch errors before they negatively impact your financials, patient satisfaction, or staff productivity. 

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