Patient Remedi Office (PRO)

If you're a small practice frustrated with your antiquated tools to try and find a patient's insurance or where they live, then patient remedi office is your one stop solution . Imagine having all the powerful  tools of a large system at your fingertips, now you can search thousands of payers from one portal, check a patient's financial disposition (credit), or use our insurance discovery tool to find a patients benefits either when you schedule the patient, at check-in or working denied claims.

This portal solution is ideal to increase your practice is productivity , increase cash flow, and decrease the amount of human effort it takes to verify you have accurate information about your patience.  Click below to schedule a demo of this powerful tool

  • Single Portal for all payers

  • Access to over 2300 payers

  • Low cost

  • Ease of use

  • MBI Assist

  • Claim Assist