FrontRunner Patient Remedi

Verify Patient Records in Real-Time

FrontRunnerHC, one of the leading innovators in patient-focused technology solutions offers an automated approach to patient record verification that enables hospitals and labs to gather up-to-date information for proper billing.  Our cutting-edge technology integrates seamlessly with most patient billing systems and scans multiple data sources to provide a full view of current insurance, propensity to pay and fee estimation to humanize billing and improve your revcycle.  

Are incomplete patient billing records slowing your revcycle?

FrontRunnerHC’s patient-focused reimbursement technology finds and validates patient billing information within seconds.  

Read on to discover how Patient Remedi can drive ROI for your hospital or lab below.

Is COVID-19 testing overloading your finance team?

COVID ASSIST offers immediate relief for claims reimbursement processing and CARES Act compliance.

Patient Remedi demystifies patient billing and accelerates reimbursement.

As increased unemployment and higher deductibles shift the burden for bill resolution from the insurance provider to the patient, confusion strains billing resources and revenue cycles. FrontRunnerHC’s Patient Remedi minimizes self-pay challenges by leveraging scalable technology that mines patient data to activate untapped revenue sources in real-time.


What can Patient Remedi do?

  • Eligibility Verification: Automate patient data verification, even out-of-state.

  • Insurance Discovery: Discover up-to-date insurance coverage, Medicare/Medicaid eligibility and return accurate Coordination of Benefits (COB).

  • Financial Disposition:  Evaluate patient propensity to pay, charity, and financial disposition. 

  • Integration: Minimize the need for accounts receivable follow-ups and other manual tasks with realtime integration.

  • Fee Estimation: Determine the patients out of pocket responsibility.

  • Patient Connect: Communicate with your patients for surveys, collections, schedule appointments.

  • FRHC Assist Tools: A portfolio of Chrome browser plug-ins to assist you with patient tasks.

Discover how Patient Remedi can make your revenue cycle more predictable while delivering a better experience for patients.

1.6 seconds

Average time to update a single patient record with accurate billing information.

Day 1

Utilize the technology right out of the box.


Average client ROI.

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