Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs

  • Integration to PAS/HIS

  • Increased Productivity

  • C.O.B. Resolution

  • Complete Audit Trail

  • Internal Distribution of Dollars

  • Reduction in A/R

  • Streamlined Workflow Compliance

Credit Balance

Credit balances can be one of the most challenging problems your organization faces. So often money is refunded to a patient when money is actually due. Stop refunding money to patients unnecessarily. Stop wasting your organization's time and valuable resources to provide a task where there is nearly no value.

With FrontRunnerHC's Credit Balance portal, you can use robotic process automation (RPA) to automate the repetitive tasks of credit balances. This will ensure that the money your organization has earned is applied accurately to outstanding balances or refunded to the patient.

FrontRunnerHC has determined that the average number of credit balances worked per hour per individual is between 10 and 15. Through use of the FrontRunnerHC portal, that number has increased to over 100 credits per hour.  This is accomplished through the use of AI to help the users understand what they should be doing with each credit and to guide them through the process.

Find out today how FrontRunnerHC's tool can help your automate your credit balances.

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