About FrontRunnerHC

FrontRunnerHC helps healthcare facilities and independent labs working to advance patient care ensure reimbursement for all the services they perform, and do it accurately, efficiently, and cost effectively. We help ensure that when organizations send the bill -- to either the insurance company or the patient -- that all the patient information is accurate and they're able to maximize reimbursements, the first time. Not as simple as it sounds, many facilities spend millions of dollars on that task and fail up to 30% of the time.

FrontRunnerHC specializes in the 30% that cause the problems, with an integrated suite of software and services enabled by automated technology, a workflow portal, and dedicated insurance experts. We're proud to help clients fuel more of their critical services by helping them maximize their reimbursements and staff productivity, while improving the billing experience for patients and their referring physicians.

Go further and faster to maximize your revenue cycle with FrontRunnerHC.

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